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Advance Terrazzo & Tile has received several awards on the national, regional and local level. Most recently we received the 2015 NTMA Honor Award in recognition for our superior design, quality and craftsmanship.

Terrazzo is a form of mosaic ...


Terrazzo is a form of mosaic flooring that is made by embedding small pieces of marble into mortar and polishing the surface. The mortar can be Portland cement, modified Portland cement or epoxy resin.  Terrazzo is used in new construction or remodeling. It's key features are durability and low maintenance, which makes it very economical.

The beauty and high performance of terrazzo flooring make it the ideal choice for schools, hospitals, airports and in the lobbies of retail and commercial buildings.

Company logos and special design can be inserted into terrazzo floors, adding a spectacular and personalized element. Advance Terrazzo has a great deal of expertise working with this customized design approach and can provide almost any design our customers request.